Sunset at different places & Silhouettes .

Today when I was going through my photography album I found some very good sunset and Silhouette shots taken at different places.I would like to share those photographs with you . Thank you 🙂


This photograph has been snapped in Kovalam , Poovar Back Water .


This photograph has been snapped in Kovalam , Poovar Back Water .


Different people different minds .

This is my first ever silhouette . It has been shot in Chinar Beach , Kochi .


Our generation always busy with their phones .

Again a Silhoutte .It has been also shot in Chinar Beach,Kochi.


This photograph is one of my favorite photograph . It has been shot in Eco park.Kolkata.


This has also been shot in Eco park, Kolkata.


This was one of my first shot photograph,that time i knew least about photography.It has been shot in Mandarmoni beach .

These are some photos more will be coming in future. I hope You all will be liking it. P Lease give your opinions which will help me to improve. Thank You . 🙂


16 thoughts on “Sunset at different places & Silhouettes .

  1. When did you launch this website, baggy?

    Was there any grand buffet and garlanding ceremony following where I was not invited to?

    By the way, it is good work. Send your pictures to newspapers and magazines as well. They will publish it which one can refer to twenty years later showing to his spouse and children ” Look this is Bag’s photo who used to read with me in school.”

    Try posting some pictures of the country side – under-developed area from where we victims of the geography project can copy and paste.

    Thank You.

  2. Chaliye ja bhai… ei kaj ta jibone chharis na.. till the last breath! 🙂 May u flourish more n more along with time.. 😀

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