Light Trails and Paintings. :)




39 thoughts on “Light Trails and Paintings. :)

  1. Often and often, we have brooded over the true nature of reality, but all our conclusions are disproved by the ultimate mystery of existence. We have lived a long time as if, in the carapace of a tortoise, sheltered ,protected but always a little retarded by the burden we have to endure. Photography as such is a novel attempt in this perspective, when he slink away to appreciate the breathtaking awesomeness of nature.

    I believe that every other photographer had whims and desires to capture images he could consider possible. According to Rushdie, it is a moral decision taken in one-sixteenth if a second. If you can succeed to click the spot at the appropriate time and place, you have won. You will preserve a memento of a very instance which otherwise would have been lost in the cavern of eternity.

    In simple words, keep it up….

  2. There have been speculations regarding my true identity but all social phenomenon are not perceivable to the extent of examination and explanation. This is a luxury compared to physical phenomenon which offers more freedom in choosing its aspects.

    I here by enclose that you are good photographer, but only a novice one. A good friend but only a cherubic one. It still remains a mystery of you will ever marry in life, given that, one who interacts too much with the other sex, like film-stars, never finds one suitable. And so is my name.

    In simpler words, I have a name. It is Mr. Confusing.
    I had enclosed it above but you are still asking.
    I do not write the ‘words’ i generally utter.when i talk, or you would have been more confused.

    My mail address is
    Do not send mails as you will get no reply.

  3. awesum!!! I cudnt really decipher d heartbeat one when you showed it to me in the phone, but at the computer screen it looks world class!! 🙂

  4. I think u nd Abhraneel r d greatest gundas, since u preyed on d helpless pencil of a blameless and innocent girl.

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