A Little Joy

| G U E S T  P O S T |


Dreams are like stars,

You may never touch them, but if you follow them,

They will lead you to your destiny

If I ask this boy, Rajesh, his dream; he would just say that he dreams to buy a set of new clothes for his little sister for the coming festive season. He had long ago forsaken any desire of getting one for himself – Rajesh isn’t the type to aim high – but he is struggling with the target this ordinary dream has established.

Ignoring the monetary target, he can’t come to terms with the intangible targets he had inadvertently set for himself – the innocent expectation of his sister, and the silent pride of his mother he sees every night he goes home.

However, Rajesh won’t agree with me on one thing.


No, Rajesh insists, dreams are like bubbles – indefinable, elusive and hard to capture. If you look through them, you see a different world, coloured with blue and violet– and once you remove your eyes, you see the untinted, raw world. Rajesh accepts that. But, maybe what he really needs is a bit of violet and blue, for some reprieve from the crude world he has become so used to seeing.

Possibly Rajesh knows he wouldn’t get a simple dress for his sister in time. But he certainly will later, after the festive rush gets over. It wouldn’t be as grand as that of a princess, it wouldn’t be pricey and certainly not amazing, but he is sure it would be something that would be treasured. Something that would be loved.

Do you remember the rare time you caught a bubble, and it stayed, unburst on your palm? Have you looked through that bubble then, encased it your hand?

Rajesh is searching for that bubble. He’ll give it to his sister, and show her how at times one can see a whole new world free of cost. Sure, the illusion would vanish when the bubble would burst – nothing is permanent – but, it would be good while it lasted.

Ultimately, aren’t all material things illusions? Those inexpressible feelings are the ones which are real – the little joys and little moments of love. And, in the end, Rajesh wasn’t aiming to give his sister that dress, he was just trying to gift her a little joy this puja.



Author :-


Arundhati Chowdhury     

This is a guest post by a tenth standard student of the Calcutta Girls High School . Arundhati is a writer by passion . She stood first in a worldwide creative writing competition (Humans In Space Youth Art Competition co-hosted by NASA, USRA and DLR. )


18 thoughts on “A Little Joy

  1. I will always regret not having known you while I was still in CGHS
    This is a wonderful piece of work.
    The pictures are amazing.
    Keep persevering. 🙂

  2. I wud be glad if I could have her as my lyricist….:’)
    God! now I’ll feel ashamed to show ppl what nonsense I’ve written yet…. 😛

  3. Great post Arun!seriously great!!(and as usual you did not tell us about the thing.*sigh*you will never change)and awesome pictures as well!

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