The Indefinable Goddess of Bengal, and my attempt to capture her in words and pictures

Durga puja , the most awaited festival in Bengal. We the Bengalis start planning about this festival from the very beginning of the year. Basically this festival is celebrated for ten days.It starts with Mahalaya, where pitripokkho ends and debipokkhho starts . mahalaya e pitrikool er sobai ke srodhha janono hoy . Then the days go by prathama , dwitiya , tritiya and so on….. The people here in Bengal mostly celebrate the puja for four days. Maha Soshti to Bijoya Dashami (From the sixth day to the tenth day).This year’s puja was the most memorable for me as I tried to cover the whole durga puja in Kolkata. I would like to share the best and the most wonderful days among these days . First comes Ashtami(8th day)

| A S H T A M I |

Ashtami’s main attraction is the SONDHI pujo . In this puja 108 lotus flowers and  pradips are lit in front of Ma DUrga . Arun tui ei part gulo likhe dish na plz  J . ki ki rituals hoy . ami sudhu amar experience ta dicchi

After giving the pushpanjali  with the priest’s permission I covered the sondhi puja



Two months before puja , we were planning to visits the pandals .My English Tutor adviced me to visit the famous Bhooter Bari(Ghost House) in Bowbazar . In kolkata there are few durga pujas where all the rituals are done and it is one of them. Sir gave us a fair direction . My dear friends Swarnava and Stuti accompanied me there . After reaching the Bowbazar more , we asked about five people “ Bhooter barir durga pujo kothay hoy ? “(Where is the Ghost’s house Durga Puja) . The answer was NO. We were walking through the streets and suddenly we came to an old man. I asked him about this house . The directions which he gave and the way in which he gave was absolutely awesome . This person had a very great impact on me . When we were leaving I asked his name . He was the kolkata’s famous Sarkar’s House  member . He invited us to visit their puja which completed 250 years .


He is a member of the SARKAR Family .

He took us to their to residence . Sarkar house is a very big palatial building probably built three centuries before . The idol which is worshipped is made with Oshtodhatu (an alloy of eight metals). Its an unique puja . The members there did not allowed us to snap photographs but the memories are still good . They gave Ashtami bhog(the food offered to goddess Durga)  to us .

We headed towards to Bhooter bari . You might be thinking why is it called Bhooter bari(ghost’s house) . Well during British period it was a hospital . When the british left India , an Indian bought this house  but several incidents occurred which may be hallucination , which made the owner abandon the house . Once a family came , their priest suggested to start Durga puja and said that incidents like this would never happen again . From that time it is known as ghost’s house .


Ghost house’s Durga Puja

Ashtami’s morning ended like this . In the evening we had a dP session in our housing complex .


Well you saw these wonderful ladies in their traditional attire because the Gujrati dance dandia took place . This dance is played with wooden sticks .

| D A S H A M I |

Now comes Dashami , the most memorable day of mine .It is  when Ma Durga leaves us and goes to her in laws . All the married ladies in does the ritual of Matri Boron . Matri boron is offering sweets and sindoor to ma durga .It is followed by Sindoor khela . Bengali women after marriage has a red streak of sindoor of marriage which is considered to be sacred . BAgbazar Sarbojonin’s Durga puja is one of the oldest durga puja in Kolkata . It does not have any theme but their Idol is the most traditional one .


To cover the Sindoor khela we went to Bagbazar Sarbojonin . Arghyadeep , Saptarshi da , Susmita di , Pushpak da , Swarnava and others , thanks for accompanying . It was pleasure to meet Soumya Shankar Ghoshal(da) again .




Little Durga

We did not know when the day ended  and it was time to bid adieu to ma Durga  . Ratan Babu ghat being one of the most prestigious ghats in Kolkata have many Bhasans there .



A woman bidding adieu by blowing conch shell



Immersion of the idol


Thanks for reading . Do share if it deserves .

Stay tuned for more .


22 thoughts on “The Indefinable Goddess of Bengal, and my attempt to capture her in words and pictures

  1. The pictures are extraordinary but the writing needs a little polish. It seems like a page out of a Class 8 or 10 essay book which describes Durga Puja. The proof reader needed to be a little more cautious about the little grammatical errors here and there. For instance towards and to are not used in the same sentence! I would request the blogger to be a little more detailed on your experience in Bow bazar!

    • Sure but i would like to say that the proof reader finished her work in 5 minutes due to some personal problem . Please read the story A LITTLE JOY written by her in this blog . I hope you will like it 😊

  2. The photographs are extraordinary! But the writing needs a little polish. The proofreader needed to be a little more cautious about the little errors here and there and a little more details on the Bowbazar house would have been great! Cheers!

  3. great vro…chaliya jaa

    Bowbazar er bhooter bari dekhte ele but amake ekbaro janale na? amader bari theke only 10 mins 😥

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