Kolkata's view .

I was out of blogging for more than two months. I apologize to all my beloved readers. I was busy with some projects and school fests.

360 Degree Panorama . ( Phone Click)

360 Degree Panorama . ( Phone Click)

It was in August, 2014 when (The MeetUp Group: Photography Discussions) organized a two day photography and blogging event named “ Social Media in Photography”. Renowned photographers across the country conducted sessions on different genres of photography. Among them , Soumya Shankar Ghoshal’s Street Photography Session and Debarshi Duttagupta’s Cloud Photography Session lured me the most. Street Photography is something which I love, so it was indeed a helpful sessiom for me. I came to know about the different aspects of Street Photography. But Cloud Photography was something new for me. When India’s first Nikon Grand Prize winner, Debarshi Duttagupta, speaks on his photography and explains the photographs, it has to be special. From that day I had a thought in my mind that I should try my hand in Cloud Photography.

Cloud Trails
Being a student of the 11th standard, the pressure of the studies is quite high, so nowadays I am not allowed to go out on photowalks. At house arrest, I always try something new, be it macro or different types of lighting.

Clouds hiding the sun

The place where I live is situated at the eighth floor and the view from my room is incredible. Whenever I get time, I take out my tripod and either shoot from my room or from the terrace (13th floor).

Instagram Posts

Instagram Posts( 2nd one is a phone click )

These are some photographs taken in the last one and a half year.
To see fabulous cloud photography visit Debarshi da’s Cloudvisions and Rivers of Bengal album. I am indeed grateful to him for instilling in me the urge for clicking cloudscapes and eventually making me fall for it.

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8 thoughts on “Cloudscapes

  1. Aikantik, the photographs are awesome. The true blue and the cotton candy clouds. Awesome.
    And Debarshi da seriously does wonders. His ROB album is mind blowing.
    Keep up the good work you.

  2. Reveries and illusions find no place in this world but it seems that aikantik has brought alive the unreal and made us wonder and gaze at the spectacularity and uniqueness of God’s creation.

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