Baisaran – India’s Switzerland

Baisaran Valley

This tour started with our first place Delhi, which mesmerized me by its energy and nightlife . As we landed at the Srinagar Airport the curfew was put on and we had to halt for half an hour at the airport and stay for four hours in Srinagar . There is a big story behind our reaching  Pahelgam which I do not want to disclose here. We reached Pahelgam at around 1 o’clock at night. The main trip was going to start from that morning..

Baisaran Valley

| B A I S A R A N |

I came to know about this place two months ago from the Jammu&Kashmir Tourism website. The photographs amazed me . There is no road to the valley. One has to travel on horseback. This was the first time I rode a horse. The best part of the ride was that no one guided my horse and I had to control it on my own. The first fifteen minutes was tough for me as I had to handle the horse single-handedly while handling the camera with the other hand  .The horses have a peculiar characteristic: they walk through the edges of the hilly road. I asked one of the natives about this. They said that the middle of the road consists of stones which hurt their feet.

Road to Baisaran

There were  times when the sun played peek -a- boo through the Chinar trees . When we reached Baisaran, the scenic beauty mesmerized us. All the tiredness of the last two days were washed away in a moment .

Peek a Boo

A valley surrounded by snow capped mountains , clouds engulfing the mountains here and there and the sun sneaking out at times through the clouds . It seemed that someone has placed a green carpet.As the valley had ups and downs it was fun to roll on it. Meanwhile, people were posing for photographs in Kashmiri attire. Suddenly, I saw two small kids sitting and chatting. The girl had a rabbit in her hand and the boy seemed to be asking for something. It was sheer bliss to find those innocent faces amidst all those problems taking place at Kashmir. That particular girl posed for me and I photographed her with the rabbit. After the photo session, I took a deep breath and  laid down on that natural “green carpet”. I now regret not capturing that view from the middle of the valley but there are some frames which find more solace in our mind than in our memory card.

Playing amidst the chaos

A child with the rabbit

The road back to our hotel was rougher as the horse was going down the slope and one has to sit back . Moreover, I had to control the horse myself. After I got down from the horse, the chacha said “His name is Tiger, one of the best horses ever.”(In Hindi).

Chacha :)

Chacha 🙂

I have not been to Switzerland, but I know that air tickets to Switzerland costs more than that to Kashmir .

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11 thoughts on “Baisaran – India’s Switzerland

  1. Thanks for educating us a bit more about kashmir. This is really a well written blog. And for the photos, I think I can’t express my comments in words.
    kudos! Keep up the great work!

  2. The enigma which enchants me to get into it but i feel the moments you have captured deseved a click and an applaud –
    which you deserve . Loved the innocence and passion hidden behind these clicks which makes me long for more……..

  3. I don’t have many things to comment about ’cause you know already how mesmerizing this post is. Keeping it simple always with great photographs. Good job. Keep Posting.

    P.S. The kid with the rabbit, is she/he crying in the second picture?

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