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Basanta Utsav | From the Past to the Present

According to Hindu Mythology, Vishnu – the Creator in the Divine Trinity of Hindu Gods – was incarnated in Earth as Sri Krishna in the Dvapara Yug. Mythology states that Krishna was disguised as a “Gop Balok”, and he spent his leisure with 108 Gopinis, including Bhagyabati. Lore says that on the auspicious day of […]

Grey Town – The Confluence of Cultures

“Calcutta Walks” is a Kolkata based group founded and nurtured by Iftekhar Ahsan – aka Ifte – an intrepid explorer. Calcutta walks are manned by individuals from different walks of life. They organize and conceptualize tours in places people usually miss out on, so that they can get a taste of the real Kolkata. I […]