Beating Away the Monsoon Blues with Some Colour

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Monsoon is all about getting drenched in rain, spending time with friends and having fun. Monsoon is all about blue-grey skies.

This is a collaborative guest blog post by the very talented Ipsita Khalkho who will be sharing her fashion tips. She is coming up with her own fashion blog in a few days.  Stay Tuned.


Hey everyone!

I’m a 19 year old girl who resides in Calcutta and this is me writing my first ever blog post. I am not a professional stylist but I have a deep-rooted passion for everything related to art and fashion.

The thought of starting a blog was pretty weird to me. For I, as a person who is passionate about Fashion and Art, find it difficult to put things down on a sheet of paper. (In my case, a bunch of notes on my computer’s notepad.)

Fashion can be acquired by taking inspiration from here and there, whereas art is a skill which flourishes when polished religiously. So this is me introducing my first ever blog post in collaboration with my friend and the amazingly talented photographer, Aikantik Bag.

Without further ado, let’s start!

Ipsita Khalkho



This is the time when only some of us like staying back at home with a steaming cup of coffee and a book to accompany it leisurely. But it becomes a problem for the rest of us, who want to go out, have a nice day with their friends, click amazing pictures, eat out, et al. Cheat the rains basically. All that is fine. But when it comes to wearing good clothes and looking our best, we really cannot do more than wearing our darkest of denims, a t-shirt and slippers/Crocs, kept solely for this purpose.

But girls. Worry not! You don’t ALWAYS have to go out dressed looking like the second cousin of Hobbit! I’ve got a few tips on how to look amazing even on the gloomiest of days. Here’s how.


For this blog, I created two looks:

The Happy-Go-Lucky Bright Yellow Dress.


Pulling off bright solid colours isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Summer calls for pastels and florals while the monsoon season screams for bright colours! Who wants to look all dull and boring? Definitely not us.

Ipsita Khalkho

  • For the first look ,I wore this bright yellow dress from the brand AND which ensured that my pictures turned out brighter than ever!
  • I paired it with a customized bright beaded handmade choker with pom-pom tie-ups at the back, which will be soon up on my Instagram account ( @Offlowersandleaves) for sale!
  • To go with my outfit and to keep me looking chic I paired off-white platform shoes which I picked up from Shoetopia.
  • A big bright floral fuchsia machine embroidered bag to give a contrast to your dress and to carry all your essentials like an umbrella, an extra plastic carry bag ( just in case ), purse, few cosmetic essentials, etc.
  • For makeup I used a light coverage foundation and dabbed it only on a few spots to cover up any blemishes to give a natural look. I Dabbed on some highlighter on my cheek bones, winged my eyeliner, put on some mascara and put a  nude coloured matte lipstick to go with the outfit.


Quick tip : When you go heavy on the outfit, keep the makeup minimal and vice versa. That way it won’t look clumsy.


  • Lastly, as my hair is short , I styled it by slightly scrunching it up using a serum, without using any heat products as it doesn’t stay due to humidity , during monsoons. But if you have mid length- long hair your can go for a Half-Up Bun or the Buddha bun as I like to call it. For a non-messy look you could try out a top messy knot with a few strands coming out to give you that casual look.



On Sale @Offlowersandleaves

This choker is available for sale on the Instagram Handle @Offflowersandleaves

The Vintage Floral Mesh top

Buying the perfect mesh top is a gamble as it could make your look or break it. As mesh tops are made of net material, it shows a lot of skin. Naturally! But what you must take care of is that your mesh outfit shouldn’t be too overwhelming. In the sense that it can go from making you look like a vintage goddess or a person desperately trying to get the wrong kind of attention, you get what I mean. Nothing in between.

Although, I won’t lie, I’ve seen quite a few indecent mesh outfits in my life so far and have come to the conclusion that choosing the right one and carrying it well does everything.

The Vintage Floral Mess Top

So here’s the breakdown of the look,

  • I wore a black floral vintage embroidered mesh top with bell sleeves from Forever New,  with a black spaghetti top inside so that it looks classy.
  • For bottoms, I wore black jeggings from Vero Moda, with chain detailing on the sides.
  • For shoes, I wore the same off-white platform shoes from Shoetopia. I feel white shoes go with almost all the casual outfits and still looks cute every single time! But if you’re too scared to spoil those favorite pair of off-whites then grab a pair of those ankle-length monsoon boots in bright colours from Crocs , only if you’re that experimental.
  • I also borrowed a classic watch from my mom’s collection to go with the outfit.
  • For accessories I carried the same handbag and it had similar embroidery done on it. For an alternative, you can also carry those sturdy and monsoon-friendly bags which are made of rubber-material. Furla bags anyone? Yes. Those kind. And no, you don’t have to go bankrupt on a Furla. Go to new market and I’m sure you’ll get something of that sort. But make sure to keep it bright.
  • Hair and makeup were the same but you could try out a bright coloured lipstick in any berry, red or fuchsia shade. Basically you can use anything from the red and pink family.


So that’s all for the time being and I hope you enjoyed reading and gathering ideas to rock your everyday monsoon outfits.

Have an amazing weekend!

Ipsita Khalkho aka MKHK signing off for the day.


Shooting Location Courtesy:- St. Paul’s Cathedral , Kolkata. ( Prior Permission is needed for shooting inside the church premises)

This is a collaborative Blog Post. For collaborations check my Contact Page.

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7 thoughts on “Beating Away the Monsoon Blues with Some Colour

  1. That’s really amazing talent out there, whether it’s the fashion, the accessories, the photography or just the idea of everything putting it together. Appreciating what you guys do, I need some help to accessorize any knee-length beautiful red dress. Looking forward to your response.

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