Delhi’s Graffiti/Street Art

Connaught Place Graffiti

In Photograph: Pulkit Gandher

Like a splatter of paint that adds life to dry canvas, graffiti as an art form has slowly yet surely spread its roots across Kolkata. The City of Joy recently organized the Kolkata Street Art Festival in collaboration with Berger Paints, where an attempt was made to fill the bare walls of our city by Barun Saha and his students. Phase 1 ambitiously aimed to paint 10 walls, 3 metro stations and 2 trams – and plans are on to carry this venture forward to other cities as well.

Agrasen Ki Baoli Graffiti

In Photograph: Roopkatha Kar


When I shifted to Delhi, I wanted to explore the streets of the capital – it was then that I stumbled upon some brilliant Graffiti. In a discussion about street and wall art with one of our eminent professors, Mr. Kalyan Chatterjee (whom I regard as a living encyclopedia), I was informed that graffiti is not a new or maverick art form. On peering into our history books, we see drawing, frescoes, and carvings on the walls – graffiti is simply the result of modernity in nomenclature.Connaught Place Graffiti

Connaught Place had some of the most interesting Graffiti. The best thing about this art form was that it appeared in unexpected places – for example, in front of Agrasen Ki Baoli. I had gone to Lodhi Art District with my brother, Keshav Choubey (a student of Indraprastha University and an EDM enthusiast)

Agrasen Ki Baoli Graffiti

In Photograph: Roopkatha Kar

There, I learned that two years ago, over 25 street artists from different parts of the world started working to re-invigorate the iconic Lodhi Colony. This was the first public Art District in India by “St+Art India” foundation here in the national capital. This place is located between Khanna Market and Meherchand Market.

Lodhi Colony

Lodhi Art Estate

Lodhi Colony

Lodhi Estate

Lodhi Estate

Lodhi estate graffiti

This is something very unique

abstract act


One of the alleys of Lodhi Colony

Right now if we look at most of the Indian cities, there is chaos, and hustle-bustle. Amidst these, one will be very lucky to see some public art which can be formalized.

~ Prof. Kalyan Chatterjee

I feel very good to see different artists putting up their work on the streets to show their point of view to the public and we can hope that these artworks are maintained and no ones spits or attempts to vandalize.

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