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Basanta Utsav | From the Past to the Present

According to Hindu Mythology, Vishnu – the Creator in the Divine Trinity of Hindu Gods – was incarnated in Earth as Sri Krishna in the Dvapara Yug. Mythology states that Krishna was disguised as a “Gop Balok”, and he spent his leisure with 108 Gopinis, including Bhagyabati. Lore says that on the auspicious day of […]

The Indefinable Goddess of Bengal, and my attempt to capture her in words and pictures

Durga puja , the most awaited festival in Bengal. We the Bengalis start planning about this festival from the very beginning of the year. Basically this festival is celebrated for ten days.It starts with Mahalaya, where pitripokkho ends and debipokkhho starts . mahalaya e pitrikool er sobai ke srodhha janono hoy . Then the days […]